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"Pienso, luego existo" René Descartes

Logo de Apple Inc. Mi compañía favorita

I believe that the way to be happy is creating something new, something that merge the arts and science to make useful stuff to make the world diverse, because it's going to be a better place proportionally to the offer of quality and beautiful things, and I want to make that offer wider and better.

My way to do it is studying electronic engineering (And being an engineer) because engineering is no more than "the art of the possible". Remember that Einstein said that the art is the expression of the most complex feeling in the simplest way, so the engineering is the way to make something complex, simple (beautiful and useful).

I consider myself very creative, i'm an Apple Fan, ex-Musician and Electronic Engineering student at the Simón Bolivar University located in Caracas, Venezuela. When i love what i do, i do it with passion.

Danilo Díaz Tarascó

USBID: 10-10211

USB E-Mail:


Twitter: @ddtdanilo

Youtube: ddtdanilo Channel

Skype: ddtdanilo